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8/23/2005 ~ Greetings everyone!

Well, Emile had a great time vending last Sunday at the CT Astrological Society's quarterly psychic fair. Plenty of new folks were met and it was good to see some old familiar faces too.

As for the website, if you look around you can see I've been making a lot of updates and changes. On the "Touch of the East" page where all our Japanese incense are located, you can now find several books on Hindi deities as well as our carved crystal Dorjes, Phurbas, and Ganesha figures. Look for incense burners here too!

Updates and additions to our CRYSTAL page as well. And hey, we now have a completely new CRYSTAL SKULL & CRYSTAL BALL page. Mostly just skulls as of the time of this writing, but soon I plan to add some stone spheres, crystal balls and bats...and maybe some surprises too? Check back and see!

If you like TIBETAN INCENSE then you better go check that page now. Just added 8 new items like Tara 6 in 1, Jimpu, and Peppermint has been added to our Nepali Dhoop section--to name a couple things.

Our FALL HOURS have started. Starting today, the store is open Wednesday through Friday, 11am - 5:30pm, Saturday 11am - 5pm & Sundays Noon to 3!

The Singing Bowl Meditation Group sessions resume Sunday, September 11th, and

Finally, we are in the last few days of our AUGUST SINGING BOWL sale. That’s right, ALL of our bowls are currently 30% off--but not for much longer, so hurry, hurry in.

12-2004 ~ Check out our changing FEATURES ITEMS  on our HOME & MAIN ONLINE STORE Pages!

8-20-04 ~ NEWSFLASH! Bootlegged copies of MYSTIC BOWLS appearing in Connecticut Tibetan import's shop! These illegal, substandard copies are being shipped in from Nepal. Click HERE for images and details on how to spot these fakes!
7-14-04 ~ Emile has just opened his Ultra Large Format Camera Webstore. Check it out! The WWW.DELEON-ULF.COM Camera Store is now open!

6-01-04 ~ Just a reminder that our Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Group has been paused through the summer. Sessions will resume in September. Watch for dates!

Also, Search Boxes added throughout the site to help you find the items you want faster.
2-03-04 ~ Just in: 30 hand-picked NETSUKIS, hand-carved box wood. Assorted animals and figures.
12-30-03 ~ Just for fun: New online story has been posted. "Borderland Tales: Stories from an Impending West." by M. J. Vivigatz is now available. These tales are meant for mature readers. If you like a little sci-fi & fantasy mixed in with you westerns then stop on by and enjoy!

11/12/03 ~ Need to order special items not listed on our site? Just EMAIL US for special books, incense or assorted gifts you know we carry. We shall email you back with prices & ship out to you once paid through PAYPAL. - Final Meditation Groups of 2003 held in November. (See EVENTS Page for dates) Sessions will be paused through the month of December. Sessions will resume in January 2004!
Holiday Hours begin in December! Starting on the 1st, we will be open 7 days a week till December 24th.
8/23/03 ~   Well we've just returned to our regular FALL HOURS, which means we are again OPEN EVERY SUNDAY from Noon till 3pm.
  Also come see our new look. We've done a little remodeling and changing around of the shop in preparation of all the new goodies coming in--everything from brand new ceramic Totem Animal pieces to hand-crafted black glass bats from Germany. Flowers. Birds & other fancy little critters. Watch for announcements when these things arrive.
  Till then we've a selection of NEW JEWELRY in stock: pendants, rings,  GODDESS PENDANTS carved in bone and turquoise. New Tangerine quartz CRYSTALS, Linghams, QUAN YINs carved from Fluorite, Jade & Fossilized RED CORAL Buddha's, new Beads and other assorted goodies.

  On another note there are a few price changes to mention. This season's TIBETAN SINGING BOWL MEDITATION group fee is now $3.00 per person. Sessions resume Sunday, September 14th.
  Private reading prices with Emile de Leon are now: TAROT: $20.00 for15 minutes. Astrology: $40.00 a ½ hour. $80.00 an hour.
8/1/03 ~ Emailing list - Well we're slowly recovering from out month-and-a-half's worth of PC blues. If you're wondering why the Knight People e-mail announcements have stopped it is because we have lost our Emailing List! Those of you who wish to keep receiving our monthly briefs, special and event announcements, please send/re-send us your information. Thank you!
5/16/03 ~ A bit of sad news. For those of you who have not yet heard, RAY BECK passed away in April. A good friend and long-time psychic fair reader here at the shop, he will be missed. Cheers, Ray, for all the help you gave to many, for your stories, smiles, and artwork.
4/12/03 ~ Event's page has just been updated. Upcoming PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT & TAROT Classes listed. ALSO Register for our in-store classes, here, online! Save your place by paying today through paypal. Just visit EVENTS.
3/30/03 ~ Just added to the ASTROLOGICAL SERVICES PAGE: Free online Rune, Numerology, Stichometry & I-Ching readings!
3/12/03 ~ Well, after a month of assorted viruses and infections I'm back at the keyboard! Backlogged updates, plenty of additions to our ONLINE STORE are on the way. See our "Just Arrived" items listed above. Watch for new Spring Magickal and Past Life WORKSHOPS to be scheduled soon! Also, please note that on Wednesday we are now only open till 6pm, not 7. Of course if you let us know you need a little more time, just give us a buzz.
  On a personal note, the editing to "Drada-Kish: Book Two In The Drexus Tavosn Saga" is coming along splendidly! Keep your fingers crossed for this summer, folks. Cheers, Melissa ^~V~^
1/29/03 ~ Movie Update - Editing Begun!:  On January 28th we received word that a rough cut of our shop scene has been done and they are about to add the background music which will be from the "Mystic Bowls" CD! Watch for further updates.
~ Congratulations to Jackie Manning, our monthly psychic fair Astrologer, Dream Interpretation & Tarot reader who did her first live radio broadcast Monday, January 20th on Dream Interpretation. Visit the "Defining Women" radio show website:
Dream Workshop with Jackie coming this March!
1/13/03 ~ The Knight People ONLINE STORE is open! New items being added constantly - watch us grow! Start shopping for books, CDs, candles & more now!
12/10/02 ~ SHAMAN BOWLS has arrived! Pick-up the 2nd CD by Temple Sounds, have it autographed for a special Solstice / Christmas gift! CDs $17.95 ea.
12/06/02 ~ SHAMAN BOWLS "Mystic Bowls II" by Temple Sounds is done! We expect delivery of the CD between December 12th - 19th, depending on printing and holiday delivery delays. 
10/7/02 ~ Knight People in the NEWSPAPER Read article online.
9/29/02 ~ As you can tell, we are updating our site! I've been very bust working on the DRAGON VINE website, but with the fall it's time for refreshing changes throughout Knight People! Check the EVENTS listings page. New ADD-Your-Link on the LINKS page. Also, new images on our PRODUCTS page. Coming soon: Esoteric  meanings of crystals and gemstones.
8/11/02 ~ Link to Knight People, check out our new Banners page! ALSO added today "Free-For-All" links, add your own site URL! See the Broomcloset page.
  Going on a little vacation--remodeling & painting the shop more like it. We'll be closed Aug. 11 - 23rd Re-Open Saturday Aug. 24th, back to regular fall hours.

Hunting Shadows - a vampire tale unlike any other!
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5/15/05 ~ The 2005 Antique Singing Bowl shipment has arrived!
Bowls will be available Wednesday, May  18th in store and online soon after.
Hurry in for 1st choice!
4/27/05 ~ The 2005 SCRYING MIRRORS HAVE ARRIVED! Crystal Skulls!
4/24/05 ~ New Tikki Statues & Japanese Incense Burners, Weeping Budda, have landed!
3/2005 ~ Just In! New Crystals and Tumbled Stones!
We recently managed to pick up some very nice Quartz crystal and larger Amethyst crystal clusters, a couple nice, large Sphalerite specimens, almost two dozen Crystal and Stone Skulls in various sizes, several dozen carved Stone Hearts, some Rutilated and Smokey Quartz Crystal Balls, a bunch of new Crystal Pendants, a couple pounds worth of Tumbled Chiastolites, large Apache Tears, more Moonstone, Lepidolite sheets, Raw Sapphires, Fluorite Cleavages, some cactus Crystals (Quartz and Amethysts) and a bunch of new addition to our Tumbled Stone selections including Red Jasper, Citrine and Petrified Wood. We also picked up a half a pound's worth of Copal (a fossilized sap, just like amber)--containing a variety of insects in its matrix!
1-26-2005 ~ Over 100 New Singing Bowls! LOTS of great modern bowls hand-picked by Emile during his recent trip to India and Nepal. New designs and shapes, Buddha carved singing bowls and more!

12/01/04 ~ A TON of new stuff! Nepalese Masks! Various hand-carved pieces from Nepal. Ganesha, Garudas, Buddhas and more! SILK Wall Hangings with real brass-thread embroidery SILK embroidery PILLOW CASES & Mirrored Pillow cases, JEWELRY!
Sandalwood mallahs. Leather & AGATE Chests, Prayer Flags Bronze Ganesha Wall Plaques. We now carry SUPER HIT Incense! Official NAG CHAMPA Incense CONES! Glass Candle LANTERNS Kama Sutra Lady Ashtrays The '3 Evils' Monkeys...more!
11/11/04 ~ Just arrived 11/04: 55 New Bowls, including one 17" bowl-the largest singing bowl we've ever offered for sale! New Colored Prisms - yellows, pinks, greens, purples, blues! NAG CHAMPA INCENSE CONES and SUPER HIT! More Tree Free ® Greeting Cards - Angels, Fairies, Tree frogs, Dragon Flies, Wizards, Mermaids, White Wolves and more. Leather Mallets for your Singing Bowls. Glass Candle Lanterns, Pentacle Desk Boxes
9-25-04 ~ Our shipment of Mini-Glass 'Critters' has arrived from Germany! 80 new pieces, total. Collectors, hurry in to get first pick! New creatures include polar bears, dragons, lady bugs, turtles, cats, foxes, whales and assorted seas life - more!
8-27-04 ~ 1Lb Scented SOY JAR CANDLES In our favorite Knight People scents! Also new: SPELL VOTIVE CANDLES: Protection, Prosperity & Purification.
8-22-04 ~ Lemurian Seed Crystals. Large Lemurian smokies! Shamanic pendants carved from bone: Dragons, owls, GREENMEN! Native masks & Goddesses. Crystal carvings: Phalluses. Tiger-eye 7 Blue tiger-eye Tigers! Assorted Stone Budhhas. Extra large stone Money Toads! Large Turtles. New Netsukes: Horses, Bat families, Carp, birds, monkeys!
8-1-04 ~ New Dream Catchers by Local Artists.

6-3-04 ~ Just in: NATURAL CITRINE Standing Crystals! Yes, absolutely natural, non-heat treated Citrine! Standing polished points in assorted sizes, some with phantoms and others rutilated! Also assorted cut shapes and large tumbled citrine available.
  Smokey Lemurians! Very few available and going fast! Some phantoms. Hurry, hurry before they are all gone!
Some recently added herbs: Agrimony, Wild Cherry bark chips & powder, Noni fruit powder, White Pine bark powder, Calendula flowers, Meadowsweet herb, Red Clover Blossoms powder, Solomon's Seal roots, White Oak bark powder, Cascara Sagrada bark powder and PINK Rose petals. Other botanical items just in: Dead Sea mineral salts, BENTONITE Clay powder, Green French clay powder. Loadstones, natural and Green painted.
2-06-04 ~ 2/6/04 - The LOVERS have arrived! Wooden carving in various sizes of loving couples in intimate, kissing repose...
  Also, Meditation bar chimes: give them a gentle tap and let the clear tone release you.
  Metal Dragon Wall hangings. A pair of really cool dragons just waiting to herald your space.
Tuning Fork sets for healers.
1/29/04 ~ New Books: Large selection of meditation Books including "Mala Meditation" Healthy living 'cook' books. Raw foods & Atkin's Diet cookbooks. Large selection of FIBROMYALGIA books including helpful supplement guide, exercises and cookbooks. More!

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  Serene, harmonic, mystical... these are just a few words to describe the experience of listening to Shaman Bowls from Temple Sounds. Produced and performed be Emile de Leon and Joe Texiera, the album features an atmosphere that's almost otherworldly in it's meditative bliss. From subtle vibrations to the more abrupt chime of the bowls being lightly struck, a plethora of tones are produced, each bringing the listener closer to inner balance. The album is one hour in length, making it idea for meditation, healing practices or Reiki. Tibetan bowls and overtone chanting comprise the first eight tracks, the final track also incorporates light tabla beats to gently signal the end of the session.
CD $17.95
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Snaps from 'behind the scenes' of 'The Moone Chylde Book Shop' segment shot on location at Knight People Books & Gifts for the Independent movie:
" TaFfY WaS BoRn "
by David Giardina

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