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"Mystic Bowls" by Temple Sounds.
CD: "Mystic Bowls" by Temple Sounds

The beautiful and mysterious sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls are captured on this powerful offering to enable the listener to go on a journey of harmony, meditation and healing. Experience the ancient sounds of the Himalayan Mountains as brought to you by Temple Sounds, a duet dedicated to promoting spiritual harmony with music throughout the east and west.
Total Playing Time: 71:06
CD: "Shaman Bowls" by Temple Sounds

Called the Contemporary Masters of Singing Bowls, Temple Sounds returns with this further offering of Ancient Singing bowl music to enhance and enchant your world.

Accompanied by harmonic overtone singing, light tabla and chimes, the sounds awaiting within will help propel you to other worlds of relaxation and inner beauty as you meditate, practice Reiki, Tai-chi, create works of art, or simply attune to the moment.
Total Playing Time: 62:27
CD "Shaman Bowls" by Temple Sounds
"Hunting Shadows: Book One In The Drexus Tavosn Saga" by Melissa Vivigatz
Book Excerpts.
Visit the Draz World of Drexus Tavosn
Hunting Shadows - Book One In The Drexus Tavosn Saga" by Melissa J. Vivigatz
ISBN 0-9715459-0-1
An esoteric journey through politics, religion and bigotry. A fantasy adventure across an alien, jungle world to end a mysterious plague. The personal struggle of a tortured soul, a reluctant warrior --and vampire tale unlike any other!

  Meet Drexus Tavosn: scarred hunter, rueful philosopher, outcast. To him the vine jungle was sanctuary, the land beautiful, it's savagery simple and direct. Then a mysterious plague came, spreading madness and death.
  To find the cure and protect those he loved, Drex had to leave the jungle for a place far deadlier. And through the journey's struggle, Drex' dreams are haunted by a fire-eyed demon of long fangs and talons: a nightwalker on a planet in which the nights last for three days--Or is it the psychic manifestation of the mysterious plague, one that drives it's victims murderously insane before it kills them?
  Through prophesy, bigotry, politics and betrayal, Drex struggles to purge the world of the descending madness--if he can escape the grasp of the demon in his own soul first
Last updated: 11/3/2021
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INCENSE & ANOINTING OILS, MAIN PAGE: Daily & Ceremonial blend Cone and Stick incense, Anointing Oils, Resin mixes, Herbal Blends, Sand for incense burners, Books...
1. Incarnation 10:47
2. Neptune's Light 5:58
3. Faerie 3:31
4. Tibetan Winds 7:10
5. Ascension 11:28
6. Sanctuary 7:06
7. Astral Waves 4:15
8. Summer Rain 4:10
9. Shaman's Dream 7:59
Total time: 62:27
1. Awaken 14:37
2. Third Eye 11:33
3. Calling Spirits 5:57
4. Goddess 4:49
5. Reincarnation 11:07
6. One 9:38
7. Improvisation 13:21
Total time: 71:06
Click for Main Incense Page
Click for Main Incense Page
Please note that at any time you wish you may simply EMAIL US with a list of items you would like including anything from books to music CDs, Tarot Decks, stones, incense, jewelry, candles, scented oils and other items whether listed on this website or not, and we will let you know the availability and total price before shipping to you. This is the best option for International purchases, too! We have a LOT of Hindi Statuary--every piece Hand-selected individually for quality and our high standards. Contact us via EMAIL for availability and we can send images and prices!
~ Thank you.
Demonstration of the Mani Bowl Set with hard and soft mallets
CANDLE PAGE - Candles and candle holders. Figure Candles, 7 Knob Candles, Reversing & Double Acting candles, Mini-tapers, specialty Spell candles, Tea-lights, Candle Magick Books.
SMUDGING, NATIVE AMERICAN, SHAMANISTIC INCENSE PAGE: White Sage, Shasta sage, Yerba Santa. Abalone shells. Sweet grass braids, Loose Desert Sage, Yerba Santa leaves, Susan Seddon Boulet Spirit Cards and more...
TIBETAN, NEPALI & INDIAN INCENSE PAGE: NAG CHAMPA, Goloka, Super Hit, Rope incense, Nepali Dhoop, Auroshika Agarbathies, HEM, Nippon Kodo, Mysore Sugandhi Chandan Dhoop, Incense Holders from Nepal. Incense burners...
Smudging Supplies Page
CRYSTAL PAGE - Amethyst Generator Crystals, Tumbles stones, Crystals, Lemurians, Angel Aura crystals, Aqua Aura crystals, Rose Quartz, Included Phantom Quartz crystals, Stone Hearts, Books...
HERBS, SPICES & RESINS PAGE: Herbs & Resins by ounces & BULK. Mortar & petals. Swift-lite & Herbal Dhoop coals. Copal, BULK Frankincense & Myrrh, Mugwort, Dragon's Blood, Beeswax... White Sage. Books...
MAGICKAL, RITUAL TOOLS & SUPPLIES PAGE: Crystal Athame, Scrying Mirrors, Magickal Inks, Roots, Holy Water, Pentacle Boxes, Tarot Deck. Black Salt! Incense Burners. Crystal Ball Stands & more!
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