Welcome to The Psychic Caravan
of Knight People!
              We have many Psychics of assorted talents available to come to your HOME psychic parties, OFFICE parties or in your DORM.

  Tea-leaves, Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry--you name it! Give us a call at 860-347-3220 for more types of readings.

  Not just psychics available, but GIFT ITEMS too! If interested, while some members of your party are having their readings, the rest can have fun going through portable displays of Jewelry, Tarot decks, Books,
and other fun things to buy.

REASONABLE RATES for our highly talented & professional psychics. Rates are based on the number of people in your party, number of readings, and time.

Call 860-347-3220 and ask for Emile to set up your party date today!