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Spell Candles - MINI TAPERS. Size: 1/2" x 4"

Scentless candles, ready to anoint, inscribe or burn as is.
Price: 2 for $1.00.

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Mini Tapers
TEA LIGHTS- Pack of 6 white paraffin tea lights in SILVER, metallic cups.
Burning time: 4 - 5 hours. $2.95 a pack.
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Figure Candles - 7-1/2" Male or Female. Imported.
Price: $5.95 ea.

The FIGURE CANDLE can represent you, a specific individual or a wished-for, as yet unknown, person. Use visualization to charge who it will represent, or use with an image, picture, and or personal object of that person's. Burn to attract or repel an individual, or manifest a change. Can be anointed with spell/scented oils as well as inscribed with symbols.
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BLACK: Protection. Release negative energies. Hex breaking. Divination. Saturn. Binah.
GREEN: Healing. Growth. Money. Fertility. Earth matters. Employment. Gambling. Prosperity. Earth &Venus. Netzach.
Spell Candles - Mini Tapers: Metallic coated GOLD or SILVER. ~ Price: $1.50 each.
Blue: Communication. Emotional matters, healing. Patience. Jupiter. Chesed.
PURPLE: Spirit guides. Meditation. Angels. Higher wisdom. Psychic. Jupiter.
PINK: Love. Peace. Friendship. Family matters. Home blessings. Venus.
RED: Strength. Sex. Courage. Controlling. Power. Mars. Geburah.
ORANGE: Physical energy. Stimulation. Career matters. Creativity. The Sun. Hod.
YELLOW: Concentration. Intellect. Study. Attraction. Divination. Mercury. Tifareth.
WHITE: Protection. Blessings. Cleansing. Purification. The Moon. Kether.
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WHITE: Protection. Purity. Blessings. Spirituality. Purification. Shielding. Moon.
BLACK: Removing of bad habits. Spell breaking. Repelling. Remove Negativity. Spell Breaking. Banishing. Removing an obstacle. Purification. Binding. Saturn.
GREEN: Healing. Fertility. Employment. Money Spells. Gambling. Growth. Business. Earth. Plants. 4th Chakra.
PINK: Love. Friendship. Relationships. Family. Home. Peace. Relationships. Feelings of good will. Compassion. Peace. Heart Chakra. Venus.
RED: Strength. Vitality. Lust. Passion & Desire. Protection. Courage. Commanding. Power. Controlling. Willpower. 1st Chakra. Mars.
7 Knob Spell Candles
SEVEN KNOB CANDLES 7" high. Imported. $5.95

Used in longer spellworkings; one knob is burned per day (either consecutive week days or one specific day per week).

Visualize your goal, giving it more power to manifest, as each knob burns.

Each knob can be anointed and/or inscribed with appropriate symbols.
BLACK 7 KNOB CANDLE: Remove negativity & evil. Hex breaking. Restrict an enemy. Regression and Past lives. Spirit communication.
RED 7 KNOB CANDLE: Power. Strength. Vitality. Sexual Energy. Passion. Lust. Willpower. Control of se;f and others.
GREEN 7 KNOB CANDLE: Healing. Fertility. Employment. Money Spells. Gain. Gambling Luck.
WHITE 7 KNOB CANDLE: Protection. Purity. Blessings. Spirituality.
12 for $5.00
BLACK CAT CANDLE: Burn to change 'Bad luck' to good! Also, just cool candles for cat lovers and party/Sabbat decoration.
Size:5.75" Black.
PORCELAIN CANDLE HOLDERS (Aprox. 1" x 1") Fit 1/2" size candles.
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We have a $15.00 Minimum. Additional shipping charges will apply on foreign orders outside the US
Books of Candles & Candle Magick
CANDLE BURNING MAGIC: A Spellbook Of Rituals For Good & Evil
$8.50 by Anna Riva
Candle burning is the most-used and most simple of the magical arts, and this book is chock full of any kind of candle burning spell one could want. From attracting love, luck, money or power to solving problems and learning secrets through dreams, its all here. This little volume contains 409 rituals to make things happen in your life. Paperback, 95 pgs.
$13.99 by Raymond Buckland
With this book the author brought candle magick up from a 19th-Century muddle to a clear and concise modern Pagan book on how to do it. It has remained the one against which others are judged, a first of its kind. Contains spells and rituals for every purpose, that can be performed by anyone. Paperback, 210 pages.
7 DAY GLASS CANDLES - Burn time aprox. 120 hours.
RUE - Green, Scented: Money, increase business. $12.95 CUSTOMER FAVORITE!
REVERSING - Red/Black, Unscented: Burn to remove negative energies, habits, blocking situations. Change.
Screen-painted glass candle. $12.95
"ADVANCED CANDLE MAGICK: More Spells & Rituals For Every Purpose"
$15.99 by Raymond Buckland.
Picking up where Practical Candlebuning Rituals left off, Ray Buckland takes you to the next level in the art of candle magick. The new rituals presented in this book are powerful methods that go beyond simple spells. Here are new tools for the more advanced student of magick- presented in everyday language. Loaded with valuable tips, expert advice , and answers to the most commonly asked questions about magick, Advanced Candle Magick is an indispensable addition to anyone's library. Trade Paper.
BROWN: Animal magick.
'Dimpled' indented pattern in the glass surface to enhance the light reflection and candle flame glow.
Size: 2-1/2" tall x 2-1/4" top. Holds both votives and tea-lights.
Select from colors: CRYSTAL CLEAR or PURPLE. NEW! DARK GREEN and TAN!
* The Crystal Clear is a nice choice when using two-toned candles, simply because you can see the colors through it.
VOTIVES - Crystal Journey votives are hand-crafted in New England using natural, metal-free wicks. Made from highly refined waxes so pure that they are considered food grade, wicks constructed from cotton and paper and essential oil blends. $2.95 each.
DRAGON'S BLOOD: Power. Strengthen spells. Overcoming enemies. Uncrossing. Removes negativity. Psychic protection. Consecration. Virility.
FRANKINCENSE/MYRRH: Frankincense: A sacred scent. Meditation. Ceremony. Protection. Consecration. Brings blessings. Assists to overcome temptations. Breaking of addictions, negative habits. Contact other planes. Wisdom. Development and growth. Knowledge. Transformation. Increases strength of spells. Tifareth.
Myrrh: Consecration. Good luck. Success. Spell-breaking. Exorcism. Psychic protection. Magick. Material objects. Release and endings. Compassion. Transformation. A powerful guard against evil. Binah.
LAVENDER: Healing. Cleansing. Love. Peace in the home. Tranquility. Relaxing. Prudence in all matters. Charm ill-mannered antagonists. Dreams. Meditation. Rest. Weddings. Sleep. Attract Luck. Prosperity. Use to brighten one's disposition. Keep secrets. Memory.
P: Mercury. E: Air. O: Eleggua, Obatala, Chango, Ochun, Olocun, Babalu-Aye.
PATCHOULI: Sensuality, sex magic, strength, protection, money, negative spell-breaking.
PROTECTION: As the name says, this candle has been Reiki charged with protective energies. Candle comes with instructions & helping invocation.
SANDALWOOD: Honesty. Fidelity. Love. Protection. P: Venus, Jupiter E: Earth. S: Netzach.
YLANG-YLANG: Attraction. Attention. Love. Sex. Harmony. Happiness. Soothing of marriage tensions. Finding employment.