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Art & Graphics:
Robin Wood ~ the artist's home site. Great place for information, art and .gif files.
Assorted Schools of Philosophy:
Assorted Sites for
Contemplation & Research:

SPECULARIUM ~ a site by Peter J. Carroll, Author of "Liber Null & Pychonaut" as well as other book.
Corrigan Seeks ~ a site dealing with issues of Kabala, Science, and the Quest for Truth.
Mystery Hill - America's Stonehenge

Michael Teachings ~ Messages From Michael Material, a site put together by an individual to share information.
Philosophical Reaserch Society ~ Manly P. Hall Archives
Qabala Research:
Druid Guardians ~ Guardians for your Web Pages!
Assorted Link Sites:
Pete's Pagan Places & Event Listings ~ Events, Groups & Festival, shop listings, ect.
PagaNet ~ links & articles
Pagan Parenting Page
WitchVox/Pagan Parenting
CWPN ~ CT Witches Pagan Network
Weaving the Web ~ Pagan Contacts: CT
NYC Pagan Resource Guide  ~ NYC/NJ/CT

The Door Opener ~ Connecticut's Spirituality & Holistic Health Networking Magazine.
The Art of Tibet ~ Traditional Thanka painting archive. ~ get a free screensaver of your name written in Chinese.
Art & Graphics
Art Shows


Links Assort. Schools of Philosophy

Contemplation & Research

Environment & Activism



Mind/Body Health


Pagan Links





Good Friends
Nessie on the Net! ~ LiveCam from Loch Ness, 24 hours a day! ALSO, be sure to check out weemonster! an image captured at Loch Ness site!
The Synergetic Qabala, Meditations on Sacred Geometries. Contemporary Qabala with emphasis on Jungian psychology, synergetics, sacred geometry, shamanism, ect... ~ Site related to the works of Carlo Suares ~ 700+ links for general reference, Esoteric Study, Qabala & Related Material. This is material for the serious student folks!
Blavatsky Archives ~ Material about & by the founder of modern Theosophy.

Astronomical Applications ~ U.S. Naval Observatory, exact Moonphases, Solar positions, Ephemerides, Equinoxes & more!
Mind/Body Health:
White Lotus ~ Sifu Michael Fuchs,
T'ai Chi/Chi Kung, Classes, Information
& Events.
Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music - Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.
Green Egg ~ The Pagan magazine's web site.
Elfwood ~ Artists site. Share, show, critic--this place is GREAT for all fantasy artists.
Temple Sounds ~ Tibetan Singing Bowl CDs, Concerts, workshops and more. The official website for Temple Sounds!

New Age Music ~ Mesmerizing New Age Music that will stir your emotions and transport you to your own surreal dreamland.
Some things you might not know about
WASP ~ Women Airforce Service Pilots in WWII

The Night Witches ~ Soviet Women Fighter Pilots in WWII
Environment & Activism - Keep updated on the latest issues & make your voice heard. - Tons of great stuff including FREE emails that help save our planet.
Race to Save The Rainforest
Race to Save The Big Cats
National Wildlife Federation
Defenders of Wildlife ~ Do you have a cause or want to see what others are tryig to change?

The Homestead Org. ~ the online source for homesteading.

Sites & Resources for Home Schooling:

Eclectic Homeschool Online
Home Education Magazine

Democracy USA ~ a site by Robin Wood
Support the fight against AIDS
Support the fight against AIDS
Support the fight against Breast Cancer
Support the fight against Breast Cancer
The Hemp Ribbon
Top of Page
Art Shows, Exhibits, Plus
A Festival of Craftswomen ~ site includes websites & wares directory of assorted craftswomen, as well as a public bulletin board, ect.

Help Connecticut's Missing Children! | |
Temple Sounds - Singing Bowls & CDs!
Hunting Shadows - an esoteric adventure and  vampire tale unlike any other! Pagan Graphics, too!
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November 2007 UPDATE

I am re-updating everything, going through the links and adding more. Some have not been touched in a while, so if you find a "dead" one let me know. Cheers!
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