Astrology, Tarot & Psychic Readings with
Emile de Leon.

  A third generation psychic, Emile has been reading for people for over 20 years, and is recomended by many psychics, like Davian (Dee), who themselves will come to Emile when in need of personal answers.

  A fun fact: Folks trust Emile's straighforward & down to earth readings so much, that once, when one young woman was traveling through Egypt and needed some answers quick, she phoned Emile very long distance for a reading right then!

  Emile is available daily at the shop for Astrology & Tarot Readings. Home and office parties, as well as phone readings.
Please call in advance to make an appointment. 860-347-3220
Psychics, Astrology & Tarot Readings:

What exactly is a "Psychic Reading"?
Brief description of some of the Tools used by psychics.
When should you have a reading?

Other Services from Knight People:

Simple Birth Chart Printing
Computerized Natal Reports
Computerized World Location Maps

To Order Charts, Reports & World Maps
What exactly is a "Psychic Reading"?

  First of all, a psychic is someone who can still out the 'mundane' world for a little while and gain access to information considered 'beyond the realm of the physical'. To ask a psychic where they get this information will have as many different answers as there are human beings. If you understand that all creation is One--that everything and everyone is connected to one another, physical matter & spiritual--then this information gathering is easy to comprehend. Some have the belief that Time is not a linear thing but simultaneous & circular, and that all points within that circle are available to each other; it's simple a matter of  focus and perceptivity. One can even bring it into the range of maths. All matter, in it's simplest form is simply energy. Energy is perceptable, like the feel of sunlight upon your face. When a psychic speaks of 'vibrations' they are talking about currents of energy, be it physical, emotional, mental or Akashic: the energy of Creation/spirit.

Other Astrological Services available at Knight People:

Simple Astrological Chart Print-ups. (This is for folks who know how to interpret charts.)
  We can print up a simple Birth Chart for you. A single page, the chart will show positions of planets, their degrees and position in the Houses. The Nodes, etc. email us for additional aspects or questions.
  Information Required: A First name for the chart, Birth data: Time (including AM or PM) Date (M/D/Y) and Location: Town/City & Country.

A Single Black & White Chart: $2.50 + postage (1st class letter stamp)

Computerized Natal Reports. These are computer generated reports, complete "readings" usually at least 30 pages long that give a write-up based on your birth chart, explaining planetary influences, the Houses, and more. You do not need any experience with Astrology to read these reports. Basic & straightforward information. Computerized Natal Reports are fun as gifts, too.
  Information Required: a First name for the chart, Birth Data: Time (including AM or PM), Date (M/D/Y) and Location: Town/City & Country.

Charts are protected with clear acrylic report folders. $39.95 each + $2.50 shipping and handling.

World Location Maps: These are one page maps which show the path of the planets across the face of the world. These maps are excellent for showing the best/worst places for you to live, have personal relationships, work, spirituality, learning, and places for growth as well as many other aspects--good knowledge to have before moving or travel! You do not need any knowledge of astrology for Location Maps. Map comes with brief explinations of the relevant aspects.
  Information Required: Birth Data: Time (including AM or PM), Date (M/D/Y) Birth Location: Town/City & Country, And Map Location--this can be any global place like a particular State, Country, Continent, etc.

World Location Maps: $19.95 for each location + postage (1st class letter stamp)
Emile de Leon
To Order Charts, World Maps & Reports:

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Emile is also a member of the duet Temple Sounds, producers of the Tibetan singing bowl CDs: "Mystic Bowls" & "Shaman Bowls"
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Glossary of Terms & Tools of the Psychic:

Angels: Communication with non-physical beings called Angels and Spiritual Guardians. Those who watch over us, guiding and helping.
Astrology: a system based on position of heavenly bodies at birth. Every planet, asteroid, etc. has it's own properties/influences (physical, emotional, spiritual). Since planets, etc. move about each other in patterns at different, calculable speeds, the astrologer can tell what influences will be prominant at different phases of the life.
Aura Readers: those who view the aura (the energy field which surrounds matter) can see blockages, as well as areas that are too open & lose energy as well as personality traits. Very good for health issues.
Clairvoyant, Clairaudiant: the first is someone who sees images or visions within their mind. The second is someone who hears the answers, perhaps from Spirit Guides or the inner voice which is more attuned to the universe.
Medium & Spirit Communications: those who reach beyond the physical veil to communicate with those considered 'deceased' or simple existing upon a different point in the circle of Time.
Numerology: a system of calculating things (events, emotions, compatibilities, personalities, etc.) based on the vibrational meaning of numbers. Time and letters (birth date / names)
Palmistry: a palm reader explores the lines upon each hand, looking or things like length, numbers, interruptions, & patterns --each trait having their own meaning.
Runes: ancient Norse symbols inscribed on stones, tiles or cards, they are used similar to Tarot cards.
Scrying (Crystal Balls): This is a method of gazing into things like quartz crystal spheres, bowls of water, flames, smoke etc. and relaxing the outer sight so that impressions and images can be discerned by the inner sight.
Tarot Cards: There are many forms of Tarot cards (Crystal Oracle, Medicine Cards, Rider Waite, & Thoth are but a few) Basically each card has upon it a symbol, which the psychic uses as a key to focus upon. Tarot in general is excellent for emotional issues.
Tea leaves: the reader discerns shapes and patterns left at the bottom and along sides of a tea or coffee cup.
Zulu Bones: a form of African divination in which small shells, coins, stones, bones and assorted objects are tossed and form patterns. There is also meaning in the proximity of objects to each other.

Please note the above are just a tiny sample of the many tools psychics use.
When should you have a reading?

  Well this answer may surprise a few of you, but we at Knight People believe you should have a psychic reading only when you feel you need answers. Over the years we've had folks ask if they should have monthly or even weekly readings--we feel this is unnecessary. Having readings should not be an addictive behavior, nor do we believe someone else should tell you how to live your life--a sad, but common misconception of those seeking psychic advice.
  Psychics are here to help you recieve information. Often this information is available to you as well, but either there is too much emotion involved or you may be following a pattern of behavior by rote and are unable to break the cycle--because you can't even see the pattern! Psychics, using different tools to attune with the 'vibrations' given off can help you to discover/understand the hidden aspects in a situation, be it work, personal, relationships, travel plans, business moves, family matters or something on a broader scale.

  Avoid 'psychics' who tell you exactly what to do. A good psychic will tell you what they see, and yes, will usually have an opinion/suggestions, but that is all. It is up to YOU to think about what they have told you, look inside yourself and then make a choice to act upon the new information, maybe see things a little differently/more clearly, or chose not to act at all.
  The responsibility for your life is your own and nobody elses!
Then call and book an appointment with a real live Psychic at Knight People!

Emile is available daily, just call: 860-347-3220 or Email:

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Readings with Emile:

$150.00 per hour.
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